Engels Baksteen

Helden, Oeffelt


  • Chelsea Academy, London, UK
  • Accordia, Brooklands Avenue, Cambridge, UK
  • Tharsis Hoge mierde
  • Mulkhoeve, Hamont-Achel
  • Stationsstraat, Best

Brickworks Engels: High Quality bricks

The bricks of brickworks Engels are writing history. Since the incorporation of the family business, a few things in the production method have changed, but the original character of the bricks remained the same.

For over 100 years bricks are being manufactured at the productionplants of Engels brickworks in Panningen and Oeffelt. With local clay, modern production machines and advanced tunnel kilns Engels Baksteen is able to meet strict quality requirements.

KOMO - Steenfabriek Engels


  • 1625 920 9
    mystique dikformaat
  • 1625 920 9
    mystique dikformaat
  • 2604 202 1
  • 1605 480 1
    wapper waalformaat
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