Engels Baksteen

Helden, Oeffelt

Engels Oeffelt

Engels Oeffelt is specialised in Waal-sized and Thick-sized moulded bricks. There are various colour selections: orange, red, brown, charcoal, black, yellow, subtle and reduced variants. All standard selections are supplied under CE 0620-CPD-14467, KOMO certified -- EN 771-1 April 2003 and EN 771-1/A1, March 2005.


Brickworks Engels Oeffelt is located close to the small town of Oeffelt in the municipality of Boxmeer. For the correct route please refer to the contact page.

Application terms
Engels Helden uses the application terms in accordance with the design and performance guidelines of the KNB.

For more information please refer to the  toepassingsvoorwaarden

All shipments are basically supplied via builders merchants.

The sales team can always provide you with excellent recommendations for the right choice of brick in our showroom. In this case it is recommended to bring along drawings and other necessary information.

In the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium shipments can be delivered, carriage paid where required, in any quantity required. The bricks can be delivered optionally in HULO packs or packs on pallets wrapped in film. For efficient processing on the building site all packs come with a standard division into sets of four for hand-mould selections and sets of eight for moulding-box selections, which can be used to divide them into smaller units.

Terms of delivery
All deliveries are subject to the General Terms and Conditions, drawn up by the Royal Association of Dutch Brick Manufacturers (KNB) in de Steeg.

For more information please refer to the  Algemene Voorwaarden.