Engels Helden


Engels Helden specializes in hand-molded bricks in waal and thick format. There are various color grades: orange, red, brown, anthracite, black, yellow, nuanced and reduced variants. All standard grades are supplied under CE, KOMO (NEN-EN 771-1 and NBRL 1007) and NL-BBk.



The range has applications in all sectors of residential and non-residential building, both inside and outside. With B3 quality, the application for walls higher than 10 meters is possible under aggravated conditions.



Steenfabriek Engels Helden is situated a little to the north of Panningen. For the correct route, please refer to the contact page.


Application conditions

Steenfabriek Engels Helden uses the application conditions in accordance with the design and implementation guidelines of the KNB.

For more information, please refer to the application conditions.



All deliveries are in principle via the building materials trade.

The sales team can give you excellent advice in our showroom when making the right choice of stone, but it is advisable to include building plans and other necessary information.

In the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium delivery takes place free of charge in any desired quantity. Optionally, it can be supplied in HULO packages or packages packed in plastic on pallets. For efficient processing on construction, all packages are built up in ‘four-division’ as standard, with which they can be split into smaller units on construction.


supply conditions

For all deliveries the General Terms and Conditions, established by the Royal Association of Dutch Brick Manufacturers (KNB) in De Steeg, apply.

For more information, please refer to the General Terms and Conditions